Gas prices changing the way some people work

Gas prices changing the way some people work
Published: Mar. 15, 2022 at 5:26 AM CDT|Updated: Mar. 15, 2022 at 6:16 AM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Less than a week ago now, the national average gas price hit a record $4.25, leaving many people wondering when will we see those prices drop.

Whether you rely on your car for work or even picking the kids up from school every day, gas can really add up.

However, when your car is your means of actually working, it can be really difficult to budget right now.

Jules Aud and Ryan Snedaker drive for Uber Eats and have been for a few years now.

They both tell me they’ve had to change the way they take on orders.

For example, Jules says she really has to factor in the distance of each trip and if there’s a tip involved.

She’s typically able to drive seven days a week and fill up her car for roughly $20.

Now Jules says it takes her nearly $40 to fill up half a tank and after a day of delivering, there’s little to no profit.

She tells us, like many other people, these high gas prices have forced her family to make some sacrifices.

“Before we wouldn’t have to struggle so much and be as knit picky on what we bought at the grocery store or like if the kids need extra clothes, be able to get them extra clothes, than now,” Jules said. “Before I could just go to a consignment store and pick out three or four outfits and be fine. But now, I can’t do that. Now, I have to be extremely picky and make things due.”

Gas prices changing the way some people work - Pt II

Ryan says he’s fortunate enough to have another job that makes up for some of the gas burden.

But, like many other people, the price at the pump has nearly doubled for him and that extra cash is slowly fading.

He says before gas prices started to rise, about 25% of his deliveries were no tip orders, which was never a problem.

However, that has changed.

“Now that gas prices have shot through the roof, my expenses have gone up, but the amount that I write off has not, it’s stayed the same,” Ryan said. “Before I was able to take the no tip orders, which a majority of the time are single parents who can’t afford to get out, or can’t get out for one reason or another or they’re college students who have already spent their money on educational expenses and because of the gas prices I’m not even able to take those anymore.”

Obviously, this isn’t just Uber Eats or Door Dash Drivers.

This affects just about everyone.

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