Bremen continues recovery three months after tornadoes

Bremen continues recovery three months after tornadoes
Published: Mar. 10, 2022 at 7:25 PM CST
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BREMEN, Ky. (WFIE) - Three months since tornadoes tore through western Kentucky, the people of Bremen are working to bounce back.

December’s tornadoes changed Bremen, Kentucky.

”The morning after the storm hit it was completely unrecognizable,” said Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Deputy Alex Piper.

Three months later, and the people of Bremen are still working to recover from the damage it caused.

”You never think of something hitting like this,” said Muhlenberg County District #5 Magistrate Andrew Bullock. “This is stuff you see on TV or in the movies. But once it does hit home, it hits you hard.”

Those who have lived in the area their whole lives say it’s been an emotional strain to see the pain and loss of those they knew, while also seeing the hope brought by people coming together.

”It’s just a roller coaster, really it is,” said Muhlenberg County Road Supervisor Kelly Richey. “You know, I only live about three miles from here and my home wasn’t affected. I can’t imagine the people who [were] involved in it.”

The area is in the middle of both clean-up and rebuilding. City officials estimate clean-up is 75-80% done, but there’s still a lot to do.

Officials say they’re adjusting how they’re collecting debris, so they need volunteers to help move it to the roads. They say all volunteers are welcome, but they especially need those with equipment that could help.

The three months since the tornadoes have shown some people just how compassionate those in the area can be.

”Within the news and if you follow things and stuff, and if you follow social media a lot of times a lot of people want you to believe there’s a lot of division among people,” said Piper. “That was one thing, if you ever needed something to remind you that folks can pull together in the end, putting aside their differences, it was great.”

City officials say they’re grateful for the help they’ve already received. They say they’ve had volunteers come from neighboring counties as well as from several states away.

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