After-school activities still on despite remote learning

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Published: Jan. 21, 2022 at 6:02 PM CST
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MORGANFIELD, Ky. (WFIE) - Webster County Schools held non-traditional instruction (NTI) classes Thursday and Friday.

Union County Schools had their students online all week.

Despite this, the rivalry basketball game between the two high schools is going on as planned Friday night.

Officials from both schools say any time they cancel in-person classes, they have a separate discussion about after-school activities.

“Well this week we had some incoming weather events,” Union County High School Vice Principal Amy Nelson said. “When COVID numbers among staff increasing, we take that into account each day, too.”

School officials felt the situation required NTI classes Friday, but felt differently about after-school sports.

“We always evaluate the circumstances each day to determine if and when we allow extra curricular activities,” said Matt Bell, the athletic director for Webster County High School.

This is nothing new. Both districts say they always evaluate after school activities separately from in-person learning.

“With athletic events, you’re talking about a very small group of students, rather than the entire student body collective all here on a school day,” Nelson said. “When the athletes or those involved in extra curricular events are healthy, they’re testing healthy, their sponsors are as well, then those events can move on.”

Unique circumstances led to the schools opting for NTI days this week.

Union County athletic director Jeremy Tackett says the players and coaches are healthy, so the game will go on.

He says Union County High School, the site of the game, will take COVID precautions.

“Masks are required, they are required to be worn correctly,” Tackett said. “We ask people to social distance. Hand sanitizing stations are set up. And we ask people who are not feeling well not to come. We have national federation network cameras in our gym. You can watch the game at home live on TV.”

Tackett says that in order to have in-person school, districts need bus drivers, teachers, custodial staff and cafeteria workers.

For an athletic event, if the coaches, players and officials are healthy, then the game can go on.

He says that is the plan for Friday night’s game.

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