New food pantry storage building in Dawson Springs

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Published: Jan. 17, 2022 at 6:20 PM CST
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - There was a flood of food and supplies coming to Dawson Springs after the tornadoes, and people built a new storage building to make sure they stay here.

The Dawson Springs food pantry is in an apartment in town. After the tornadoes hit, food pantry officials knew they didn’t have enough room to keep everything coming to the area to help those in need.

”To have that food just put on trucks and shipped away would have been a disaster, we felt like,” said Jeff Winfrey, the Dawson Springs Food Pantry president. “And the Lord just blessed it where all this fell into place and we’ve got a big warehouse here now where we can keep food for the hungry for months ahead, we hope.”

The new storage space went up fast, and they had some help to do it.

”A group of Amish men came in from Southern Illinois and in about two and a half days put this thing from the ground all the way to the top,” said Winfrey.

Acts of kindness like this one mean that when the people of Dawson Springs look back on this time, the memories won’t be all bad.

”It’s a life changing event and hopefully we can make it to where it’s not a tragedy to remember forever, you remember the good things that happened during something like this too,” said Tommy Gunn, a long time Dawson Springs resident.

Officials with the food pantry get most of their inventory from local donations, so they know how giving the area can be. They say they’re excited to keep that going.

”To help each other in the community, that’s what life’s all about really,” said Winfrey.

There’s already some food and supplies inside the building now, but they’re eager to get more and fully take advantage of their new facility.

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