Green River District reports 2 new COVID deaths, 1,506 cases since Fri.

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Published: Jan. 11, 2022 at 11:28 AM CST
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KENTUCKY (WFIE) - On Tuesday, the Green River District Health Department reported 1,506 new confirmed COVID-19 cases and two new COVID-19 related deaths.

That’s since their last update on Friday.

Officials say of the new cases, 849 were in Daviess County, 321 were in Henderson County, 140 were in Ohio County, 60 were in Union County, 55 were in Hancock County, 42 were in Webster County and 39 cases were in McLean County.

Health department officials are calling these rates “alarming.”

Dr. Michael Kelley at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital says the majority of people coming in with symptoms have been testing positive, 60 percent of people getting tested some days.

“I expect that this peak, or I hope that this peak will be a directly up then kind of back down relatively quickly as we’ve seen in other countries and other places,” Kelley said.

Health officials hoping, it’s all they can do as these surges continue to be unpredictable. Hope, and try to prepare, by expanding floors, opening more rooms and postponing overnight elective admissions.

“That allows us to have additional beds and staff to focus on the increased volume to come through our E.D. and potentially need admission,” Kelley said.

To make matters even harder, hospital staffs are getting shorter.

“There are a lot of people who have left the profession, so staffing across the country, to staff those beds is difficult,” said Kelley. “On top of that, there are a lot of people traveling or taking other career paths at this point. We are figuring out how to do more with less, but we are doing a good job preparing for that.”

Kelley says we don’t have to just hope while they prepare, there are actions we can take ownership of to help, like getting vaccinated and boosted.

“Everybody in here are your neighbors, your friends, your loved ones. We are taking it on the chin on a regular basis,” said Kelley. “There are providers that are more frontline than myself and dealing with it in a different way, and there really are still the heroes in the hospitals that are dealing with this trying to fight apathy to mitigate this. Whatever strength you have in the community that’s left, I hope that you would find it in your hearts to try to do your part.”

The COVID-19 related deaths included a resident of Daviess County and a resident of Henderson County.

The district is now reporting an average of 363.1 cases a day.

Muhlenberg County Health officials reported 122 new cases of COVID-19 Tuesday.

Kentucky residents can visit to find vaccine locations.

Here are the all-time totals of confirmed positive cases and deaths in our area of Kentucky.

  • Daviess Co. - 21,865 cases, 322 deaths, 57.69% vaccinated
  • Muhlenberg Co. - 7,088 cases, 100 deaths
  • Hopkins Co. - 9,671 cases, 220 deaths
  • Ohio Co. - 5,540 cases, 91 deaths, 43.18% vaccinated
  • Henderson Co. - 9,546 cases, 139 deaths, 56.41% vaccinated
  • Webster Co. - 2,827 cases, 48 deaths, 50.27% vaccinated
  • McLean Co. - 1,871 cases, 45 deaths, 53.25% vaccinated
  • Union Co. - 3,120 cases, 48 deaths, 45.39% vaccinated
  • Hancock Co. - 1,773 cases, 21 deaths, 64.25% vaccinated

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