FEMA approves $9.3 million for Kentucky tornado victims

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Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 8:42 PM CST
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DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WFIE) - FEMA officials confirm as of today $9.3 million have been approved to help Kentuckians get their start to rebuild their lives.

“Just a little over 70 percent of that, $6.6 million have gone for housing assistance, for repairs, rental assistance, to make sure people have a safe place to stay,” said FEMA public affairs specialist Roberto Baltodano.

That means regardless if your home is missing some shingles, or has been entirely knocked from its foundation, there is help if you apply for it.

“This is not a handout, these are your tax dollars at work,” Baltodano said. “This is help that is here for you. Yes, there may be people that suffered less destruction than others, but you were a victim of a disaster and you are in the declared area.”

But, there is a deadline to apply, and it’s coming up.

“It’s very important, we’re only a month away. February 11, 2022 is the deadline for Kentuckians to apply for this assistance,” said Baltodano. “We encourage those who have not done so to do so now.”

FEMA has made it their goal to spread the word to keep the help going. They’re encouraging Kentuckians to keep doing the same so everyone in need can get that help.

“It is amazing to see how people have stepped up to help each other and how information has gone,” Baltodano said. “We see Kentuckians carrying out the message among themselves making sure others know there is assistance. But we know the need is greater.”

Information on how to apply for the assistance can be found here.

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