Family saved by fridge as tornado blew through

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Published: Dec. 17, 2021 at 6:34 PM CST
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Dawson Springs, Ky. (WFIE) - If you walk through the streets once lined with homes in Dawson Springs, you’ll hear one harrowing story after another. We’ve heard stories of storm shelters to even bathtubs saving lives.

For the Latham Family, they have a refrigerator to thank for their lives being spared.

“The storm blew this way, and we were pinned under this refrigerator,” said Will Latham.

Their story of survival begins Friday night with phone call from mom.

“We had kinda gone to bed. At that time, my mother actually called and actually forced us to move to the basement,” said Will. “No sooner had we got backed into a corner, the tornado hit, and blew us into the back of the basement.”

In a matter of seconds their home was destroyed.

Will, Shannon, and their daughter survived. They say something amid the chaos, became a life saving shield.

“One of our refrigerators that we had for extra storage blew over with us and covered myself and my daughter. Luckily, if it hadn’t been for that fridge, we wouldn’t have made it,” said Will.

Shannon was slammed into the back wall, but she was able to free herself enough to get help for her family trapped in the rubble.

“So I just kept holding my flashlight in the air. So someone could see my light, and I kept screaming for help. And finally, I could hear someone off in the distance, ‘We’re coming. We’re coming.’”

Now days later, the couple is thankful their story isn’t over yet.

“We’ll be fine. I’m not sure we’ll build back here yet, but we’ll be fine,” said Will.

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