Madisonville man cooks free meals after losing his own home in storm

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Published: Dec. 13, 2021 at 10:40 PM CST
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DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WFIE) - We have seen an abundance of loss in our Kentucky counties, but we’ve also seen an abundance of helpers.

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One Madisonville man, Cameron Crook, came to Dawson Springs to cook free meals after his own home got torn down by the storm.

Crook is the owner of C & W Barbecue. He brought three smokers to the Dawson Springs Food Giant parking lot and just started grilling.

Crook says he was at home with his wife, two sons and 12 newborn puppies when the storm hit. He says they all took shelter in the bathtub and could feel their home fall apart around them.

When he got out of the hospital with some bruised ribs, Crook says he picked up the phone to see who he could help.

“Even though I know I’m in no position to be helping no one, I just felt in my heart that if I could be helping anybody that’s more or less fortunate than I am, I figured I could get a bunch of people I know that’s willing to help,” said Crook. “We rallied down here to help and started cooking to give these people some things that they need.”

Crook says he and his family were trapped under their home for over an hour, but all made it out alive. He says food is the best way he knows how to help others.

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