Dawson Springs couple shocked by neighborhood tornado damage

Newscast recording
Published: Dec. 13, 2021 at 7:47 PM CST
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DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WFIE) - A Dawson Springs couple says they are just happy to be alive as they walked through what used to be their home after Friday’s storm.

Anita Black says her and her husband, Greg Black, took shelter in their neighbor’s basement across the street from their home.

“There were 4 adults and 2 dogs and we had been there maybe two minutes. Just long enough to pray. We had a nice prayer, and then it was here. It hit then it was over in just seconds,” Anita says.

And in just seconds, the storm tore through homes. Anita says they were prepared because of the warnings on the TV.

“I kept hearing the meteorologist say it was catastrophic. He kept saying that seven or eight times so we knew we best get down to the basement when he came across there and said ‘If you live in Dawson springs you need to take cover NOW,’ ” Anita says.

But she says nothing could have really prepared her for what she saw when she emerged from the basement.

“You know when you’re at the beach and a wave crashes over you? You know how it takes you a few seconds, you feel helpless maybe, and you’re just trying to regain and get back to the surface,” she says.

As she looks around at the area surrounding her home, she sees lives lost. Including an elderly woman, Anita says lived alone.

“And that just breaks my heart because I just know she was scared and probably didn’t have anywhere to go at the time and she didn’t survive. Her neighbors found her, and her next door neighbors, another couple passed away,” she says.

Although most of the Black’s things are gone, Anita says that’s all they are: just things that can be replaced.

“I’m grateful to God that protected us, and that He got us through that. We’re gonna survive, this is stuff. We’ve lived here 31 and a half years and again they’re just things. We’re just grateful to be alive.”

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