Comfort food provides disaster relief in Dawson Springs

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Published: Dec. 13, 2021 at 10:58 PM CST
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DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WFIE) - Free comfort food brought relief to a town with so few comforts. The tornado that tore through Western Kentucky left many Dawson Springs residents without homes.

“Just to show up, give somebody a hug, or shake their hand, or ask them how they’re doing,” Dawson Springs resident JP Moore said. “They would be surprised how far that would go.”

After tragedy struck the town, people from near and far came to help in any way they could.

Including Livers Farms out of Morganfield. While typically an ice cream truck, they partnered with a barbeque food truck to help pass out free food to all those impacted.

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“We’re feeding anyone that needs to eat,” Livers Farms owner Audrey Livers said. “We’ve seen lots of people who’ve lost absolutely everything. When you see a mama that’s lost it all, that one was hard.”

The reaction to all the help left many people speechless.

“To see everybody come down here to help us, it’s overwhelming,” Moore said.

There is still so much to rebuild, and so many people left without anything. Whether the destruction clean up lasts weeks, months or even years, the support is never ending.

“I just seen a guy from Indiana hand us a case of water. I didn’t know that boy, but he was so nice to me and so nice to my grandbabies. To see all the churches come out and everybody come out and come down here to see us, just to help out has been a blessing,” Moore said.

“There’s lots of places taking donations. Any food truck that wants to join in, help out, we’re here, there’s a group behind us too that’re cooking. We heard that guy back there’s lost everything too, but he wanted to donate his time. Just reach out, reach out to your local EMA, your fire departments, they know who to call,” Livers said.

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