Warrick Co. implements CodeRED alert system

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Published: Nov. 16, 2021 at 6:18 PM CST
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BOONVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Warrick County Sheriff Mike Wilder recently announced an alert system to help people in the county stay up to date on important developments.

“CodeRED” is a free, web-based emergency alert system that provides residents with telephone messages and emails containing important information.

Wilder says that alerts can be anything from dangerous weather to a manhunt.

He described the program as a “reverse 911 system,” where instead of residents calling dispatch during emergencies, dispatch can call you.

“If we have an emergency such as a boil advisory, maybe some type of mass shooting - unfortunately something like that - or if we have a man hunt going on or a gas leak, we can reach out to the public,” said Wilder. “We can let people know if they need to shelter in place, if they need to go somewhere else or something in that nature.”

He says that the system has been around for a little while, but the department has under used it.

Wilder also noted that a lot of people have signed up for alerts with their landlines in the past.

As more people cut the cord, he and the sheriff’s department want to make sure people have access to the information they need.

Wilder added that oftentimes, people will worry when several officers show up suddenly in their neighborhood. CodeRED will allow them to know why safety officials are on the scene.

“This would give them that peace of mind to know what’s going on,” said Wilder. “It also allows us to reach mass amounts of people in a short time through dispatch while our deputies are still in the field doing their job.

“Oftentimes they have to go door-to-door or send firemen out, depending on what kind of emergency it may be.”

Warrick County residents can sign up for CodeRED by visiting the sheriff’s office Facebook page or by clicking here.

You can sign up to receive alerts by text or email.

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