Memorial held for Kentuckians lost due to Covid-19

Kentucky artist Amanda Matthews to construct permanent Team Kentucky Covid-19 memorial
Published: Nov. 14, 2021 at 2:22 PM CST
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KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Governor Beshear held a memorial for people who lost their lives due to Covid Sunday afternoon.

Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman hosted the memorial at Memorial Monument Park.

“We come here today to memorialize the 10,000 Kentuckians lost to Covid-19. That number is tragic and unthinkable because behind that number is the life of a Kentuckian. And these are our family members, our friends, co-workers and our neighbors. Our hearts break for them,” Coleman said.

Gov. Beshear says as a governor he realizes he will have to deal with hard things, but this is one of the hardest.

It’s a time for reflection of how much we’ve lost, and how far we’ve come.

“Hopkins county has been hit really, really hard,” said Gov. Beshear in April 2020, when the Pandemic was still a term we were getting used to in our households.

“Now’s the time when we start winning, or this thing gets out of control,” said Beshear in August 2020, as case numbers, positivity rate and number of lives lost were steadily growing. At that time, we had just passed 100 deaths in Hopkins County alone.

Sunday, Beshear honors over ten thousand deaths in the Commonwealth.

“Right now, more than 10,000 of our neighbors are gone, but their families and their communities are still here, and they are in need of us to be our very best, even though many of us are going through that same pain,” he said.

It’s the same pain we’re feeling here in our Tri-State Kentucky counties.

“We spoke of the tragic COVID deaths of Frieda and John “Doug” Woods days apart in Hopkins County,” said Beshear. “Doug was another veteran having served in the US Air Force, and he and Frieda were just weeks from celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary.”

It’s the same pain Kentuckians are feeling in counties far away.

“It’s left scars everywhere in the Commonwealth,” said Beshear. “Not one of our 120 counties is left untouched, none of us as people have been left untouched.”

Lt. Gov. Coleman and Gov. Beshear were joined by members of the medical community, surviving family members and religious leaders.

Amanda Matthews, a sculpture and painter from Louisville, was selected to create a permanent Covid-19 memorial on Capitol grounds.

Matthews unveiled her design of the memorial titled, “United We Stand. Divided We Fall.”

Vaccines are now available for everyone over the age of five. You can schedule appointments at most local pharmacies and health departments.

Kentucky residents can find vaccination sites at

Ky. Memorial held for lives lost to Covid
Ky. Memorial held for lives lost to Covid(Gov. Beshear)

The memorial artwork will commemorate Team Kentucky’s losses and sacrifices since March 2020 and remind future generations of the challenges Kentuckians overcame together.

You can watch the full memorial here:

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