Owensboro veteran surprised by fellow vets 30 years after Desert Storm

Published: Nov. 11, 2021 at 1:16 PM CST
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OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - A group of veterans was reunited 30 years after serving together in the Middle East.

Dante Kelly’s wife, Maria, said she recently decided to pull off a birthday surprise.

She was able to gather four men Dante served with decades ago in Desert Storm.

Maria sent video of the moment the men walked in, and Dante immediately knew it was his former comrades.

Watch the surprise below:

Maria said one of the friends drove eight hours to be a part of the reunion. She said they spent an entire weekend together catching up and laughing.

“The best friends I have are the ones that I made in the military,” said Tony Comer, one of the five who reunited. “I have friends like yeah, but it’s never the same.”

So when Comer, Clarence Krause and the rest of the crew got the call to surprise their old sergeant in Owensboro, they were quick to say yes.

“There’s no doubt in my mind I’d go anywhere in the United States,” said Krause.

They said for them, it was healing.

“Just thinking that we’re going through issues that only we can be going through, they’re going through the same thing,” said Krause.

They said there’s an understanding that veterans have about one another, and reuniting can mean more than most realize.

“I think all the guys out there that served together at some point should have a reunion like that,” said Comer.

Clarence Pouncy explained, “Sometimes people, there’s some people that actually have needs. Some veterans are homeless, so if you can reach out to them and do something for them, then yeah, I recommend it.”

The group said they plan on having a family vacation sometime in the near future.

Owensboro Veteran, Dante Kelly, with fellow veterans 30 years ago.
Owensboro Veteran, Dante Kelly, with fellow veterans 30 years ago.(Maria Kelly)
Owensboro Veteran, Dante Kelly, with fellow veterans now
Owensboro Veteran, Dante Kelly, with fellow veterans now(Maria Kelly)

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