Dinner benefit for Posey Co. Deputy Bryan Hicks raises over $6,000

Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 11:51 PM CDT
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NEW HARMONY, Ind. (WFIE) - Local company, Wabash Valley FS, hosted a pork dinner to raise money for Posey County Deputy Bryan Hicks and his family on Friday night.

Like many people in New Harmony, Justin Rutledge rolled through Maclure Park on Friday and got a pork chop and a free dinner, but he also had a much more personal reason to show up.

“He and I worked together with the Sheriff’s Office,” he explained. “I work for a different agency now, but I knew him well.”

Deputy Bryan Hicks, after being shot in the line of duty, has had benefit after benefit in his honor, all raising money for him and his family.

The one on Friday night was no different.

“Folks from all walks are stepping up to help out and do something for Bryan and his family,” Rutledge said. “That’s pretty special.”

No more than a pork dinner managed to bring in hundreds of people, including Carol Foster, who was visiting all the way from Arkansas.

Foster said she went out of her way to go there instead of a restaurant.

“It’s to help a family in need,” Foster said. “There’s so much going on in the world today that any time you get a chance to help, it’s just a good thing.”

Mike Wilson and Marylou Parker helped put it all together, and they said the turnout blew them away.

“There were people coming by before we even started serving, dropping money in the box,” Wilson said.

All of the donations were made voluntarily, as all the food was free.

“Some are just dropping money,” Parker said while the event was still running. “Some of them aren’t even taking meals.”

In just two hours, the little town of New Harmony raised $6,416 for Deputy Hicks.

“I never would have dreamed it,” Rutledge said. “I knew there’d be a lot of support but not to the way it’s been.”

Rutledge said he’s grateful for all of the fundraisers and everyone who has given.

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