Owner of lost class ring found

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 3:40 PM CDT
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GIBSON Co., Ind. (WFIE) - A man who grew up in Gibson County, but since moved away is about to get his class ring back that was lost over 30 years ago.

Vicki Burchell says about ten years ago, her stepson found a Princeton Community High School class ring from 1991, with the name Robert engraved on it.

“I said, well honey, that’s a class ring, you cannot keep that. It’s special to someone,” Burchell says.

She said this was before online share sites like Facebook, so she took it to work hoping to show it around. She says instead, it ended up sitting in her desk drawer.

Until recently when they were cleaning out a desk and found it again.

“I was really embarrassed about how long I had it, but I thought I’m going to do something about this today,” Burchell says.

Now with social media at her disposal, Burchell posted the ring on Facebook and our 14 news team asked to share the post as well. All this time she wasn’t sure if anything would come from her efforts.

But the owner, Robert Moore, did see it on our website and reached out.

Moore says after he graduated in ‘91, he gave the ring to a girlfriend, along with a jean jacket and some cassette tapes. He says he thought of the loss of the ring as “collateral damage” from their breakup.

In Haubstadt, they’re excited to meet the owner of the ring, and they hope he forgives them for taking so long.

“I’m looking forward to meeting him and getting the whole backstory, and offering him a sincere apology for not having returned it, say, ten years ago,” Burchell says.

If you’re eager to see the rest of the story of the ring then don’t worry, next Saturday they’re planning on meeting up with the owner and giving back to him, and we’re planning on being there.

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