6-year-old’s artwork catches eye of an Evansville police officer

Published: Sep. 28, 2021 at 6:22 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A six year old Evansville boy has been busy making art for the Evansville Police Department after a visit from one officer at Vann Park.

Aiy’Den Scott-Drain even had a request from EPD’s Chief Billy Bolin. He asked for a custom piece after Officer Korey Winn came across Aiy’Den’s work at Vann Park. Since then, Aiy’Den has made several pieces for EPD.

“It makes me happy because they’re gonna remember that I did that art piece,” Scott-Drain said.

Scott-Drain’s mom Mary says this all started with finger painting, and now he makes a profit. But he doesn’t keep all of the money.

“I started my art business when I was two, and I split my dollar four ways,” said Scott-Drain. “25 percent I give back, 25 percent I use to buy more equipment, 25 percent I invest and 25 percent I can use for myself.”

EPD officials say they want to give back, too.

Assistant Chief Phil Smith says stopping to talk to kids like Aiy’Den helps the community see beyond the badge.

“It’s very important as a police officer to get out and let people know who you are as a human because the issues we see not only in our city but other places, you’re not going to arrest your way out of those issues,” Smith said.

Smith says they’re implementing a new program to help with outreach.

“This year are our Walking Wednesdays where we get out of the car on Wednesdays, walk through a different neighborhood,” said Smith. “We get with our crime prevention unit, pick a CPO that has an area of responsibility, show us your community,” Smith says.

Aiy’Den says his art is how he reaches out.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about how you’re making people feel because some people are shocked to see little kids like me doing this, and I have four businesses not just one,” Scott-Drain said.

You can see all of Scott-Drain’s businesses on his website,

He sells art, apparel, lime drinks and tickets to his own art workshop.

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