Prayer service and candlelight vigil held for Deputy Bryan Hicks

Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 12:05 AM CDT
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MOUNT VERNON, Ind. (WFIE) - A prayer service and candlelight vigil were held Sunday night for Posey County Deputy Bryan Hicks, who’s in the hospital after being shot in the line of duty last weekend.

Fire trucks were probably the first thing people noticed if they attended the prayer service and candlelight vigil for Deputy Hicks.

Trucks from Mount Vernon and New Harmony raised a massive American flag between them. Of course, members of the fire department weren’t the only ones in attendance. People in the community were eager to share what brought them to the service.

“Law enforcement does so much on a daily basis for us,” Greg Newman, a local man who attended the service said. “You know, they put their life on the line all the time and we just wanted to come out and show our support and gratitude for them.”

“I really feel sad for the family, but it is a brotherhood,” Gail Carlisle, a woman with family in law enforcement said. “They are all united and come together like we are tonight.”

“Well this is what Posey County does,” Mary Ann Burris, a Posey County woman said. “We support our locals and we all love our first responders very much, so we have to come out and show our support for Deputy Hicks.

Even law enforcement from other agencies came to the service, and they were grateful for the show of support they witnessed.

“It’s a very powerful feeling, knowing the community has our backs and seeing all the other agencies here, it’s a very good feeling,” Trooper Alexander Vennekotter with the Indiana State Police said.

The service began with song. Then speakers shared messages of hope to the crowd, as well as their thoughts on how they’ve dealt with the tragedy.

“I don’t know if there are any words that can explain any of this, but this is what I do know,” Chief Deputy Jeremy Fortune said. “I know that there is support for Brian and his family, and that support they’ve received throughout this last week is remarkable and humbling.”

Reverend Jeff Long, a family friend of the Hicks family, says he spoke with Deputy Hicks’s father before the service, and said he wanted him to make the following statement:

“One of Brian’s passions was always to help others, and that he wouldn’t be sorry for what happened because he knew he was doing the right thing at the right time and he was in the right place and he knew the risks.”

The service ended with Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham and Chief Deputy Fortune lighting candles, passing the flame to the other deputies, and then having them spread it to the rest of the crowd.

When organizers later called on the crowd to blow out the candles, it capped off an evening of hope in a time of tragedy.

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