Owensboro City Commissioners hear request to implement youth programs

Published: Sep. 22, 2021 at 10:55 PM CDT
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OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - One man is calling on city leaders to make Owensboro safer for children and teenagers.

“I always focus on the young people, the youth, the teenagers,” DeMarcus Curry, founder of Owensboro Youth Empowerment Summit said. “I think there are some things we have to get in order to make it better for them.”

Curry addressed Owensboro city commissioners during a public forum Tuesday night, making requests he says will improve safety and quality of life for young people. One request, an earlier curfew.

“I do not understand how the city can allow teenagers to be out at 1 a.m. especially on a school night,” said Curry. “Personally I think 9 p.m. should be the latest any child should be out.”

Mayor Tom Watson agrees, but says getting all parents involved would be a challenge.

“I’m not opposed to that for the younger children, but that’s just almost impossible to enforce,” Watson said.

Curry also wants the city to create a mentoring program where kids would shadow people they look up to.

“Spend two hours with anyone in any of those type of careers so you can get an idea as far as what you can do, because they are our future,” Curry said.

Mayor Watson says he and Curry have wanted to get something off the ground for years.

“There’s just a lot of ideas floating around out there, it’s just can we find someone that can dedicate enough time to keep it going,” Watson said. “It’s easy to start these things, it’s much harder to sustain them.”

Mayor Watson says he’s open to ideas for getting youth programs started in Owensboro again. He says if anyone wants to get involved, they can email him at

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