Woodland Park Apartments were treated unfairly by Evansville City Council, apartment managers say

Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 9:11 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Evansville City Council voted unanimously to set aside $50,000 to help people living at Woodland Park Apartments be able to move out. But the apartment complex’s on-site management isn’t convinced people want to move out at all.

Woodland Park management says when Vectren changed to CenterPoint Energy, this disrupted their rhythm in paying utilities.

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Apartment managers say they have the problem sorted out now, but in the time it took them to resolve the issue, they were portrayed unfairly by the City Council. They say this made some residents feel pressured to move out.

”Plenty of the majority of us here are happy with the residents, they don’t want to leave, a lot of them really don’t want to move out,” Richard Rodney, property manager for Woodland Park Apartments said. “They feel like they’re being forced to go somewhere because of the bad media or the negative publicity that we’ve been receiving from that City Council member.”

Management says they’re offering incentives for people to move into their apartment complex, including waiving one month’s rent and the security deposit. They also say they’re working to renovate units, including those that have been occupied for over 10 years.

City Councilman Alex Burton says he’s working to make sure the people of Evansville are treated fairly, which he stresses is his chief concern. When he heard Woodland Park’s management felt he hadn’t been upfront with them, he took the opportunity to meet with them on Wednesday.

”This isn’t about back and forth between myself and the management here,” Burton said. “This is about the residents here of Evansville and the families who are living in Woodland, who feel that the management has been negligent towards them.”

Woodland Park management and Councilman Burton both agree communication needs to improve when people have an issue with their housing.

Apartment managers say people should feel free to talk to them whenever an issue comes up, and Councilman Burton says people should call the city of Evansville Building Commission office at 812-436-7885.

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