Remembering 9/11 inside the classroom

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Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 6:28 PM CDT
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SPENCER CO., Ind. (WFIE) - As the 20th anniversary approaches, local schools are making sure what happened 20 years ago is never forgotten.

“I am a former U.S. History teacher, so for me, this is what it’s all about,” South Spencer High School Principal, Jim Bush said.

Teaching U.S. history that is.

The South Spencer administration was focused on one thing, the 20th anniversary of a day they say they’ll never forget.

“This is a huge part of American History. People talk about Pearl Harbor and where they were when they heard about this, and a lot of people relate this to Pearl Harbor, Bush said.

But some, don’t remember.

“The videos that we watched during our school-wide homeroom were very personable. They told the stories of the people who actually experienced it,” South Spencer High School student, Skylar Young said.

A classroom of students who have no memory of a day that their teachers remember all too well.

“I was a student here and the whole day just shut down, the world shut down, the community shut down. We didn’t have any practices after school everybody just went home and tried to figure out what was going on,” South Spencer High School teacher, Matt Martin said.

Now they’re teaching a new generation about a significant piece of our country’s history.

“I know one of the short videos we watched was about flight 93, about the responder who answered the phone call of a man who passed away on the flight tragically. It kind of brought it to life for me, and listening to other students around the room, it brought it to life for them too,” Young said.

“I was here in this building as a student during that day that really brings it to life for me and I can bring it to life for the students. And as a history teacher it’s so important to remember past key events that have shaped who we are as a people and as a society and hope we can learn the values of those experiences and pass them onto the next generations and generations beyond,” Martin said.

Teachers say even though today’s students weren’t alive during this time, they’re completely engaged in the classroom while learning about it and have a lot of questions.

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