KSP investigating inmate death at Hopkins Co. Jail

Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 8:52 AM CDT
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HOPKINS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Kentucky State Police are investigating the death of an inmate at the Hopkins County Jail.

Officials say jail staff was notified that 45-year-old Jason A. Attebury was having a hard time breathing just after midnight.

He was taken to the hospital where officials say he died.

Attebury’s family says they have a lot of questions and concerns about his care leading up to his death.

“He said, ‘I’m just trying to get through this, you know I’m having trouble breathing, I just don’t feel good mother,’” Attebury’s mom, Pamela Attebury said.

Pamela recounted Jason’s symptoms he texted their family about how he was feeling in the hours leading up to his death. Attebury’s family said he started getting sick on Saturday.

Hopkins County jail officials say they gave him a rapid Covid test which came back negative. Jalier, Mike Lewis said jail protocol is to only move Covid-positive patients into isolation.

“Anyone who has symptoms is seen by a nurse. When a Covid test is done, if they are positive, they are moved to a cell with other positive people so they can all recover together,” Lewis said.

Attebury’s family says his symptoms continued to worsen, with loss of taste and smell, and trouble breathing.

Family says Attebury told them via text messages, that he asked for more medical attention and to be tested again, but he told them medical personnel didn’t check up on him and did not give him another test.

“They just said that he seemed to be doing okay to them, but he would text me and tell me that he just could not get out of his bunk, that he was hurting, and just sick and real tired,” Pamela said.

Family says Jason last requested medical attention two days ago.

“He called me at 8:30 last night and I said ‘Jason have you seen the nurse yet?’ He said ‘No, maybe this weekend,’” Pamela said.

“He never complains of being sick, ever,” said Jason’s wife, Moryla Attebury. “For him to call, requesting that he really needed to be seen right away, and I wanted to make sure the medical department got his request.”

Lewis says the medical team is contracted by Western Kentucky Correctional Healthcare. 14 News reached out to them Friday afternoon, but they haven’t responded.

The Hopkins County Coroner tells us the autopsy is being done Saturday morning in Louisville.

This is a developing story. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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