Farmers thrive despite this year’s summer weather

Published: Sep. 8, 2021 at 6:46 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Despite heavy rain that threatened to bring floods early in the season, to punishing heat late in the season, the weather favored farmers this summer.

Out in farmers’ fields, you can already see glimpses of the telltale, orange, signs of fall pumpkins. This comes on the tail end of a summer that treated farmers really well.

“This year it feels like everything kind of clicked together,” Evansville farmer Paul Mayse said.

Mayse also said there’s one central reason why.

”Well, you have to go back to mother nature,” he said.

All the storms and sun this summer hit at the right times, creating ideal conditions for a lot of crops.

“Our sweet corn had the highest yields I think we’ve had in years and all our crops have been good,” Mayse said. “We started out with strawberries and tomatoes and we just had a bumper crop of everything.”

Even the excessive rain of early summer and the excessive heat of late summer weren’t enough to ruin the plants in the fields.

“Actually this year was great because, although it rained, and when it rains here we get a little bit of like, monsoons, it was actually the heat, really helped everything really grow,” Mayse Farm Market Operations Manager Rachael Mayse said. “Our sunflowers were just gorgeous. We had an awesome yield for sweet corn. All in all, this year was a great year for our crops.”

For the Mayse family, that translates to success in the Mayse Farm Market, where they either grow or bake most of what they sell. Right now, they’re transitioning to fall vegetables and decorations.

Plus they’re preparing for “Family Fun on the Farm,” complete with a play area out back, a corn maze and more.

If you want a memento from your time at the market, they’ll have fall-themed backdrops set up that you can take a picture with.

They say they’re grateful for how they’ve thrived this year, and they’re already looking forward to next year.

“Just count our blessings that we had a good year, and you know, that’s the main thing,” Mayse said. “Hopefully next year, it will be better, that’s kind of a farmer’s motto: that it’s going to be better next year.”

The “Family Fun on the Farm” event starts Saturday, September 25, and runs through Halloween.

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