Reinstated Illinois mask mandate now in effect

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Published: Aug. 30, 2021 at 5:46 PM CDT
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ILLINOIS. (WFIE) - Governor Pritzker reinstated a mask mandate Thursday, and it went into effect Monday.

Despite how much no one likes to wear masks, many people are more concerned with what will happen if the virus makes a comeback.

Restaurants like Tequilas in Carmi are under the new rules, which include any indoor public space like restaurants, gyms, stores, or public transportation; and apply to everyone over the age of two, regardless of vaccination status.

Early in the pandemic, Tequilas closed for a few months but was able to rally back. Now they’re worried if they could do the same if they have to close again.

Antonio Astorga, Tequilas Manager, said, ”We’re so afraid that we have to close again. It will be even worse this time because we were just, like picking up from the ground, even under the ground because we were so bad like I said. So, we’re trying to pick it up now, and like, with this, if it hits again and we have to shut down, it will be so bad. I don’t think we will make it through again.”

The new rules don’t apply to outdoor spaces, but Governor Pritzker says he strongly encourages wearing a mask if you’re in a densely packed place, like a festival or concert.

Governor Pritzker also mandated that teachers and healthcare workers have to either get the vaccine or get tested weekly.

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