Gov. Pritzker mandates masks indoors in Ill.

Gov. Pritzker mandates masks indoors in Ill.
Published: Aug. 26, 2021 at 10:30 AM CDT
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ILLINOIS (WFIE) - Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker is once again mandating masks indoors. This comes as COVID-19 cases rise across the state and nationwide.

The mandate applies to anyone ages 2 or older, regardless of vaccination status. The governor says it will go into effect Monday.

“I understand why [the governor] is doing that because there is so many people who are not getting the shot,” Mount Carmel resident Sharon Hale said.

Hale is a cashier at a gas station in Mount Carmel, and she says the mandate could affect their business. Early on in the pandemic, local businesses were strained.

Another resident say they should be able to choose to wear a mask if they have been vaccinated.

“I feel like if you’re vaccinated and you keep social distancing, you shouldn’t have to wear a mask,” Mount Carmel resident Holly Burns said. “Although I go back and forth because I see the people that are high risk and scared of transmitting COVID...”

The new mandate comes while ICU hospital beds are filling up.

Edwards, Wayne, Wabash and White Counties fall into Region 5 on the state’s hospital map. State data shows only six out of 89 ICU beds are available in the region on Thursday.

Most of the regions ventilators were available Thursday, according to the data.

Certain professions must also be tested once a week if they are not vaccinated.

New guidelines in Illinois
New guidelines in Illinois(Gov. Pritzker's live feed)

Governor Pritzker had previously announced masks were required in schools.

Some area school districts were found to be in violation and were placed on a probation list.

These districts include Edwards County CUSD 1, Wayne City, North Wayne and Norris City-Omaha-Enfield.

The state’s all-time total sits at 1,499,022 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 23,816 deaths.

[Illinois COVID-19 website]

All Illinoisans age 12 and up can get vaccinated.

Click here to find a location.

Here is the total number of coronavirus cases and deaths reported in our area:

  • Wayne County - 2,238 cases, 54 deaths
  • White County - 2,135 cases, 27 deaths
  • Wabash County - 1,751 cases, 12 deaths
  • Edwards County - 798 cases, 13 deaths

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