Rockport Elementary continues with virtual learning due to COVD cases, quarantines

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Published: Aug. 23, 2021 at 10:11 AM CDT
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ROCKPORT, Ind. (WFIE) - Rockport Elementary will continue with virtual learning this week due to positive cases that required quarantines.

According to school officials, as of Monday, 50% of students and staff are currently in quarantine.

That’s why they say they will be continuing remote learning for another week.

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In a statement sent out to families, school officials say their number of COVID-positive students and staff did increase a bit over the week.

They say they feel that staying virtual this week will help them to significantly improve their situation.

They tell us they intend to return to the classroom on Monday, August 30.

Last week, they said when they return, they will be using masks and social distancing measures.

Rick Hunt, Rockport’s Principal, said, “We did a few of those things but maybe not as vigilant as we have before, and so our real goal is going to be to ensure that we can get everybody safe, happy, and healthy, and then once we’re back from virtual learning we can stay that way through the rest of the year.”

Principal Hunt missed the first few days of the school year because he had COVID himself. He says it’s an experience that affects his leadership now.

“I think, just the realization, one: that it is no fun. Fortunately I had probably a milder symptom case but it was the worst flu I’ve ever had. So, you know, when I look a that I say, it’s definitely real and it’s definitely out there, and it can move pretty quickly and to see it happening, teacher to teacher and staff, it gives me a little more empathy when they call and say, ‘hey I am miserable right now.’”

Officials say they will have food bags available for this week. They will be available starting Monday in the front lobby of the school.

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