Town of Newburgh looking to expand its limits

Town of Newburgh looking to expand its limits
Town of Newburgh looking to expand its limits
Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 4:04 PM CDT
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NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - The Town of Newburgh is looking to expand.

It’s something that will give more people a voice about what happens in town.

”It will take place north of Sharon Road around the south Broadview Estates area,” Christy Powell, the Newburgh Town Manager said.

If successful, that’s the plan for annexation to the town for Newburgh.

So what are the benefits?

A robust police department that will be able to serve the area more regularly. We also have a lot of amenities that they’re probably already enjoying downtown, but most importantly, they’ll have a voice,” Powell said. “A say in what’s happening just right across the street.”

And one resident says just that, they already feel like Newburgh is home.

”We’re so close to the town of Newburgh line. We ride our bikes to all the restaurants, the park, the trail, so obviously, there could be tax increases associated with it. There will be, it sounds like, but we feel like we use those amenities,” Jason Barisano, whose home is in expansion proposal, shared.

The town manager says if the project passes, those included in the plan will enjoy a reduced sewer rate but could see a slight tax increase.

”There isn’t anyone on the list that is over $500 as far as their annual impact goes. So most people are in the couple hundred dollar range being affected as far as their tax increase they’ll see,” Powell explained.

The project isn’t set in stone yet.

As a matter of fact, several public meetings have to be held to hear the community’s opinion.

”It’s actually a legal process where we’re required to have six public informational meetings. Those will be held the last two weeks of August,” Powell said.

For more information, you can visit the Town of Newburgh’s website.

The town manager is also encouraging anyone who has questions or concerns about this to call her at 812-853-1720.

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