City of Henderson pursuing another mass foreclosure

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 9:53 AM CDT
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HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - For the third time in a little more than five years, Henderson city officials say they are pursuing a mass foreclosure to recover back taxes and code enforcement taxes.

The mass foreclosure to be filed will contain 20 suits that involve a combination of delinquent property taxes and liens or delinquent property taxes exclusively.

Officials say the goal for mass foreclosure is to recoup some of the expenses generated by maintaining these properties and also to spur redevelopment that will get them back on the tax rolls.

The upcoming action contains nine vacant lots and 11 parcels with a house.

In the 20 suits, officials say delinquent taxes owed amount to $24,789.99 and liens owed tally $54,638.25, for a total of $79,428.24.

“If we get a judgment on these, they will go into a Master Commissioner’s public sale and then will be available to whomever comes and bids on them. Ideally, we would like to see houses or businesses built on them,” said City Attorney Dawn S. Kelsey. “We want them to be productive.”

When they are sold, she said, the properties come with a clear title.

City leaders say the properties in the lawsuit reach condemnation for a variety of reasons, such as the financial inability of the owner to maintain them.

They say this also happens when an owner moves away and abandons the property or those who inherited the property not having any interest in it.

When properties are not maintained, the city incurs expenses for boarding up structures, mowing and, eventually, demolition.

According to officials, this next mass foreclosure also has a goal of including more lots with houses that might possibly be rehabilitated and improved before they fall into a greater state of disrepair.

Foreclosure Addresses:

  • 1027 Stewart Ave.
  • 503 Powell St.
  • 528 Lambert St.
  • 530 Lambert St.
  • 921 Vine St.
  • 1528 Bailey St.
  • 1028 Pringle St.
  • 203 Hicks St.
  • 5 Winstead Ave.
  • 650 Seventh St.
  • 712 Letcher St.
  • 1530 Oak St.
  • 28 Meadow St.
  • 607 Blue Grass Drive
  • 250 Lincoln Ave.
  • 914 Homestead Trail
  • 1615 Powell St.
  • 605 Sixth St.
  • 825 Kleymeyer St.
  • 33 S. Holloway St.

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