Green River District reports 142 new COVID cases since Fri.

Hopkins County sees 97 new cases, 2 more deaths over past week
Daviess County sees rise in COVID-19 cases
Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 11:17 AM CDT|Updated: Jul. 20, 2021 at 11:19 AM CDT
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KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Since Friday, the Green River District Health Department reported 142 new COVID-19 cases.

Officials say 70 new cases were in Daviess County, 26 in Henderson County, 16 in Webster County, 13 in Ohio County, eight in Union County, six in Hancock County and three new cases in McLean County.

In Daviess County, health officials say when the virus was at its worst in the county, they averaged over 25 new cases a day. Since then, the number dropped into the single digits. With the new spike, health officials say they’re now hovering around 13 cases.

Daviess County officials say the silver lining to this is the number of people who are vaccinated in the county, but they’re struggling to understand some of the people who aren’t.

”It’s frustrating not just for the community but for friends of mine,” said Daviess County Fiscal Court Judge-Executive Al Mattingly. “And some people who I know well who are anti-vaxxers or who deny that it even exists. It’s frustrating.”

Mattingly tells 14 News their overall vaccination rate for the county is about 55%. For people 65 or older, about 83% of them are vaccinated.

There were no newly reported deaths in the Green River District.

In Hopkins County, the health department reported 97 new cases and two new deaths since last week.

Muhlenberg County is reporting 15 new cases of COVID-19. Health officials say they’re currently managing 103 cases.

Muhlenberg, Webster and Hopkins counties are still in the “red” on the state’s COVID-19 incidence rate map.

Here are the all-time totals of confirmed positive cases and deaths in our area of Kentucky:

  • Daviess Co. - 10,903 cases, 191 deaths, 43.90% vaccinated
  • Muhlenberg Co. - 3,209 cases, 66 deaths
  • Hopkins Co. - 4,770 cases, 152 deaths
  • Ohio Co. - 2,607 cases, 56 deaths, 30.73% vaccinated
  • Henderson Co. - 4,945 cases, 82 deaths, 34.34% vaccinated
  • Webster Co. - 1,440 cases, 22 deaths, 32.15% vaccinated
  • McLean Co. - 905 cases, 30 deaths, 37.11% vaccinated
  • Union Co. - 1,411 cases, 15 deaths, 27.66% vaccinated
  • Hancock Co. - 877 cases, 16 deaths, 44.36% vaccinated

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