USSSA Youth Baseball World Series Tournament brings economic boost to Owensboro

USSSA Youth Baseball World Series Tournament brings economic boost to Owensboro
Published: Jul. 11, 2021 at 9:56 PM CDT
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OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - As the weekend wraps up, so does the huge economic boost Owensboro received over the last four days.

This boost is all thanks to the USSSA Youth Baseball World Series coming into town.

54 teams from across the country participated in the tournament.

“Owensboro is a nice small town,” Justin Focht, a coach with the Oklahoma Wolfpack said. “There’s a lot of things for the boys to do in between games. The weather hasn’t been great, but we’re excited to play ball here. It’s been an awesome week here.”

However, it’s been more than just baseball these past four days. The tournament has made a significant impact on the local economy.

“When you run the numbers, this should be about an $800,000 boost with all the teams coming to the area for four days,” USSSA tournament director John Grass said. “So, it should, what we’ve been through in the last year, this should really, really give a boost to the local economy here in Owensboro.”

So what does an $800,000 boost actually look like for some city businesses?

“It’s been really good for our business, we’ve had probably six to eight teams coming in every day since Thursday,” Seth Barron, the kitchen manager at Mellow Mushroom said. “I was going to say, it’s probably boosted ourselves a significant amount, maybe up to 25% even. It’s always great to have people from the community come in.”

And not only the local eateries are getting that financial boost.

“Hotel stays, the Owensboro CVB, which I can’t say enough good things about tracks hotels,” Grass said.”This weekend, it was very, very difficult to find a hotel anywhere. And listening to some of the coaches and the fans, the eateries around here - the wait times were huge, which is a good thing because we know they’re visiting.”

Officials say there’s plenty of factors that play into getting picked to hold the tournament.

“One of the main reasons why we were picked is because of the inner structure and how Owensboro is such a sports town,” Grass said. “Again, going back to the businesses, they understand what this does for them, and they were overwhelmingly for it and the businesses have just put on a great show for our customers that we’ve brought in here.”

Tournament officials say hopefully the USSSA World Series can get bigger and bigger to attract even more teams.

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