Owensboro downtown traffic issues: Business owners want solutions

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 5:51 PM CDT
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OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - A trike ended up on Owensboro’s Famous Bistro’s patio a few weeks ago. Owensboro police say two vehicles collided at the intersection near the restaurant.

The trike then went off the roadway, striking the flower pots and trash can.

A trike ended up on Owensboro’s Famous Bistro’s patio a few weeks ago.
A trike ended up on Owensboro’s Famous Bistro’s patio a few weeks ago.(Famous Bistro)

It’s exactly why downtown businesses along East 2nd Street are speaking out about downtown traffic issues.

No one was hurt. However, business owners say they’ve had enough. That’s why they’re asking the city to make a change.

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“It’s terrible that it took that to be a catalyst for the conversation to finally happen,” said John Condray, the owner of The Pub on Second.

Owensboro’s downtown business owners say their biggest issue right now is safety for their customers. Cars have a tendency to speed down 2nd Street, potentially putting outdoor dining customers’ lives at risk.

“Traffic is traffic every day. It doesn’t matter. This is an old throughout fair through Owensboro. It used to be US 60. That’s what everybody was used to taking,” stated Condray.

Business owners say if the city could come up with a solution for at least during the weekend when it’s extra crowded downtown, that would be ideal. The city is working on solutions.

“There’s simple things they can do to help the situation to start with, like changing the light timings and stuff like that, and that’s really the easiest one that’s of no cost to taxpayers,” explained Condray. “The way the city designed the sidewalks is to put the patios out towards the streets to where the pedestrians are closer to the buildings. The potential idea is to switch that flow and put the tables closer to the buildings so our customers and the customers at all the restaurants down here aren’t out on the street.”

Business owners say if traffic issues continue to happen, they would want to look at other ideas like speed bumps or closing 2nd street for longer periods of time other than Friday After 5.

“You know, we just want to see some action towards it because the last thing we want to see is somebody get hurt,” said Condray.

Mayor Tom Watson says they are still in conversation regarding finding possible solutions.

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