Catalytic converter thefts rise in the Tri-State

Updated: Jun. 7, 2021 at 6:07 PM CDT
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PERRY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Law enforcement around the Tri-State have been trying to solve a string of thefts where people have stolen catalytic converters.

Last week, Indiana State Troopers arrested seven people across the southern part of the state who they believe were connected to a ring of converter thieves.

In Perry County, Sheriff Alan Malone said that there have been five converters stolen in the past month and a half.

He said catalytic converters are worth a lot and easy enough to steal if you have a getaway car and something to cut it with.

In trying to combat it, one local business is trying to discourage potential thieves.

All Kinds of Scrap, Incorporated, which is the largest scrapyard in Perry County, stopped buying converters.

With the scrapyard no longer accepting converters, Sheriff Malone said thieves won’t have a place to sell them.

He said he hopes that will lead to fewer thefts, but as of Monday, he was just trying to convince the public to keep an eye out and “be nosy” so they can try to identify suspects.

“Hopefully we can all work together and if this is a rash of these or these are just individuals, we would like to identify them,” he said. “Because this is causing a lot of damage to cars, and it costs a lot of money.”

Sheriff Malone said if you have information about catalytic converter thefts, you should contact the Perry County Sheriff’s Office by calling 812-547-7068

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