New stones engraved at Charles Shelton Memorial in time for Memorial Day

New stones engraved at Charles Shelton Memorial in time for Memorial Day
Published: May. 27, 2021 at 7:16 PM CDT
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OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - More names are being engraved into the Charles Shelton Memorial at Smothers Park.

This year, two sisters are celebrating the chance to see their loved one’s names carved into the memorial honoring veterans just before Memorial Day weekend.

Josie Hagan and Jeanne Pointer have a bond that goes beyond being sisters. They grew up in a military family.

“Some of them died and never got home,” Pointer said. “Well, it means that we finally have a place to honor our dad, uncle and husband.”

Their uncle’s warplane went down 77 years ago.

“He was in a mission in New Guinea in World War II and his plane was shot down,” Pointer said.

Both continue to search for answers as to where exactly his plane went down, or if it’s even possible to still locate the plane.

“Well yes, there is a P-38 out there,” Pointer said. “And it is the only one in that area that crashed on that day. It was April 3, 1944. And we’re almost positive, but were not absolutely sure. We don’t have anything, remains or anything, as of this date to be able to go any further with that. We’re hoping and praying that we will hear something soon.”

As they keep looking for their uncle, they will spend their time at the Charles Shelton Memorial, remembering their loved ones who served their country.

“Well, we just keep telling our families about them,” Pointer said. “I don’t want anybody in our family to forget any of them.”

The city encourages families to honor their veterans with a personalized memorial paver that will be engraved.

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