Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure bringing hundreds to Owensboro

Updated: May. 23, 2021 at 7:30 PM CDT
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OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - The Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure is coming to Owensboro for Memorial Day weekend.

“It’s just this huge domino effect of dollars coming into the Owensboro economy from outside the Owensboro economy,” Dave Kirk, destination management with Visit Owensboro said.

The event takes place at Yellow Creek Park, Rudy Mines Trails and the downtown area. Organizers say the Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure is one the largest and oldest geocaching events in the world.

“We’ve already got almost 400 confirmed room nights,” Kirk said. “That’s people that have checked in or are checking that will stay the night in Owensboro.”

Organizers say geocaching is an increasingly popular outdoor activity in which participants hunt and find hidden objects, or caches, using GPS coordinates.

Geocachers connect online to find and hide their own treasures in unique locations with various levels of difficulty.

“Took a couple of years, but we convinced one of the hosts to come down, give us a look, again we’re so much smaller than where they normally host these things, so you have to give a little bit of credibility but once we got them here, they just essentially thought you know what this is perfect,” Kirk said.

Organizers say geocaching is a free activity. For the first time ever, Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure is free to register for anyone interested, competitors, or spectators. However, people won’t be eligible to get a geocoin for free.

To register, visit to create a free account, search for the event’s unique ID “GC91060” and mark yourself as attending.

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