Princeton City Council supports housing development plans

Published: May. 5, 2021 at 6:51 PM CDT
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PRINCETON, Ind. (WFIE) - The city council in Princeton provided a letter supporting a planned project to build 24 townhomes on the site of the old Franklin School.

The plan would involve demolishing the building and reworking the entire block.

Michel Dillon said he’s lived across the street from the old Franklin School for a long time.

He said the construction of townhomes might not change his life too much.

“I think it could be alright, it’s not like there hasn’t been people in there anyways,” he said. “There’s been homeless people going in there and sleeping and stuff.”

He said he’s glad the lot is going to be seeing some improvements.

“Nobody’s hardly took care of it, you can see the limbs and stuff around it,” he said.

CEO of Gibson County Economic Development Tami Muckerheide said that the lot is a prime location because it’s an entire city block.

She said providing that kind of housing could help the city.

“We can get 24 new families moved in and get that property back on the tax rolls as well,” she said.

Housing has been one of the main concerns for economic development.

“We haven’t had a lot of new homes, condos apartment built here in Princeton and most of Gibson County,” Muckerheide explained.

In addition to this project, an identical complex is being considered for Oakland City.

The city council’s support was also sought for the formation of a tax-increment financing district along the second avenue corridor.

That would divert property taxes toward housing projects.

The council signed a resolution for preliminary approval of that proposal.

Muckerheide said the main goal would be to bring in more people and, by extension, more money.

“We need something like that around here,” Dillon said. “I think if they can get more people in the town, I think it’d be better.”

The project to demolish the Franklin School and build townhomes there and in Princeton would cost around $8.7 million.

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