Mural artist sprucing up Evansville neighborhood

Updated: May. 5, 2021 at 2:18 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - If you’re driving down Judson St. in Evansville, you may notice something different. Colorful murals are being painted on the sides of some homes.

”Adding beauty and also bringing attention to the whole area,” Matthew Murphy, who goes by Black57, said.

That’s as he was finishing up his second mural on the side of one house on Judson St.

”I’m realizing how Evansville has an abundance of beauty out here,” Black57 said.

14 News caught up with Monique Robinson who lives just down the street. She also has a mural on her house.

Robinson tells us this was a special request because the artist, Matthew Murphy, who goes by Black 57, is actually her nephew. Robinson and some of her neighbors wanted the murals, so he came from Las Vegas to help out.

Robinson says this is a way to spruce up the neighborhood and even participate with the arts district.

”When we moved here, the neighborhood was a little bit run down, so we started just doing things just, you know, to try and improve it,” shared Robinson. “So as each year goes by, we try and do something different to try and make the neighborhood look good and have people feel good about it. So we started to bring the Judson Street art project, and the mural was the first part of it, bringing in Mr. Murphy from Las Vegas to take part in that.”

”We decided, ‘let’s take back our neighborhood and make it good again,’ and that’s what we’ve been doing and that’s what the goal is,” Robinson added.

As for the artist behind the new murals, he says being a part of this kind of revitalization is truly special.

”The best thing I feel like someone could do for a part of the community that feels, I guess, for a lack of a better word, neglected, is to bring people’s attention to it in a positive way. Not like, ‘hey, it’s a chore as in look at the beauty that’s being overlooked there,” Black57 said.

Find more of Black57′s work on Instagram @black57tcb

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