Republic Services clears confusion on new trash pickup program

Republic Services clears confusion on new trash pickup program

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) -Republic Services says they started a new heavy trash pickup program in March.

The program was intended to help cleanup the city of Evansville, but they are worried people don’t understand how the program works.

Officials with Republic Services say you can now call and schedule to have your trash picked up every two weeks. That number is at 800-886-3345.

You can set out one item at a time, up to 26 times a year.

Republic Services and the City of Evansville rolled out this program, but some people ended up leaving heavy trash items out without calling to have them picked up.

Todd Chamberlain, the Division Sales Manager with Republic Services explained, “Before you could put out this pile of material that sat at the curbside, pretty unsightly as it sat there, scavengers would occasionally get through it. People would be walking on other people’s property, and they were creating some safety issues.”

Items like appliances furniture and electronics are all accepted. An item does have a limit on size. They say if it can be picked up by two people and fit inside a normal trash collection truck, then you’re good to go.

Visit to see if your household is eligible for the service and examples of items that will be accepted.

There is no extra charge for the service.

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