Travel industry bouncing back with many planning summer vacations

Travel industry bouncing back with many planning summer vacations

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - After more than a year of limited vacations booked, the travel industry is finally getting back on its feet.

Plenty of Americans plan to get out and about within the next few months after being cooped up.

Airports are starting to come back to life as more people are getting vaccinated and feeling comfortable with booking those trips.

Travel agents tell us they’ve stayed busy this whole year with mainly helping people cancel trips and rebook.

We spoke with an Evansville travel agency who says they are busier than ever trying to help people book trips, which is a welcomed change.

However, with an increase in bookings comes an increase in prices for many.

It’s a supply and demand situation, and one travel agent we spoke with says if you’re thinking about booking a trip, don’t wait because prices are not going down anytime soon.

“Make sure you’ve got some flexibility with that and some cancelation ability if you’re concerned, but for sure get that under deposit and get it locked in because you want that price to not continue to go up by the afternoon or the next day or the next week,” said Connie Corbett, Ambassador Travel President.

The TSA has extended the face mask requirement for travelers at airports and on planes, trains and buses through September 13.

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