OPD cracking down on speeding, especially in school zones

OPD cracking down on speeding, especially in school zones

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - The Owensboro Police Department is cracking down on speeding.

This comes after residents and schools near West 5th and 7th Street expressed worries about reoccurring reckless driving.

“I’m asking, please pay attention to the school zones because police presence will be here a little bit more,” Michael Johnson, vice chair with the Owensboro Public School Board of Education said.

Concerned residents and schools near the area want people to stop speeding.

“This is a reoccurring issue not just throughout that particular school zone, but all the Owensboro school zones,” OPD Officer Andrew Boggess said.

Police and the school board are joining forces to find a solution to the problem. Police say they will be ramping up their presence.

Meanwhile, OPD officials are working with the Owensboro Public School Board to find ways to enforce school zone speed limits at places like Foust Elementary School.

“They want to look at traffic patterns maybe and things like that,” Johnson said. “Anything that we can do to make it a more safe area for parents to come pick up their kids.”

Police say the number of people violating school zones this year has been worse than normal. They attribute this spike to children not being at school during the COVID-19 pandemic, and people forgetting about limits altogether.

Officers are reminding drivers there’s no need to rush.

“Even going five miles faster is not going to get you someplace significantly faster when you’re going on a 5-10 minute drive,” Boggess said.

A speeding ticket in a school zone may cost a driver more than $200.

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