EPD holds annual SWAT Challenge to benefit training

EPD holds annual SWAT Challenge to benefit training

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The annual Evansville Police Department SWAT Challenge went off without a hitch this weekend.

Early on Saturday morning, people of all ages ran, jumped and climbed through obstacles like walls, tires and a parking structure with a sandbag.

Not only was it good exercise, but it helps people connect with Evansville police officers.

“It’s a bridge between us and the community, it’s a very humanizing experience,” Officer Ben Brasher with the Evansville Police Department said. “We get to be out here and see people out here having fun. It promotes fitness. Something we’re very adamant about on the team, so it serves several different functions.”

The event was all to raise money for the Evansville Police Foundation.

Police say they were expecting around 150 people, but officers were happily surprised when around 200 participants showed out for the event.

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