EVSC parent shutting down virtual learning Facebook page

EVSC parent shutting down virtual learning Facebook page

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Eric Schnautz is finishing up his senior year online. He says the biggest challenge he’s run into isn’t being stuck at home, but technological issues that come with online learning.

“I had some friends take like a seven-class course load at the beginning of the year, and they failed some classes because they didn’t know who to talk to or what to do,” Schnautz said.

Learning from home could mean troubleshooting some of those problems alone, instead of in a room filled with classmates.

“You have this ability (at school) to look over to the kid next to you and say, ‘Hey, how are you doing this math problem,’ but when it comes to the PDF software you’re using or contacting your teacher, unless you’re in contact with another student, there’s nothing you can do,” Schnautz said.

Parents struggle with this too, which is why his mom, Kim Sullivan, created a Facebook group to help parents and teachers navigate virtual learning.

“You kind of have that rapport with other parents, so I put this group together with the idea that this could be a place we could all get together and chat,” Sullivan said.

With her kids graduating soon, and students heading back into classrooms, Sullivan says she’s just ready for the next chapter, adding the page was a great place for parents to learn from one another.

“I think the technology piece was really good, learning how to communicate in that manner was good, so I think everyone kind of learned a little bit,” Sullivan said. “Being patient, you know, realizing these kids are going through something different, but we all have challenges we go through, so the parents were doing a really good job.”

Sullivan says technology problems were the number one issue that parents saw, but through this tool they were able to help each other.

“We’re just all working together,” Sullivan said. “This whole thing has just been everybody working together.”

Sullivan says the Facebook page doesn’t have to come to an end if parents don’t want it to.

If you want the page to keep going, you can post in the group saying you’d like to take over.

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