Boonville holds ceremony for Workers Memorial Day

Boonville holds ceremony for Workers Memorial Day

BOONVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The City of Boonville held a ceremony for Workers Memorial Day to honor those workers who have died, suffered illness or injuries on the job this past year.

Along with those in the community, the Boonville fire and police departments joined Major Wyatt for a day of remembrance in Johnson Park.

They tell us the ceremony will also remind everyone about the protection efforts people have fought for to keep workers safe in the country.

Since the job safety laws were passed more than four decades ago, officials say there has been great progress in making workplaces safer for workers.

Efforts to increase these safeguards have resulted in fewer workers being killed on the job.

Mayor Wyatt says it’s important to remember those who gave their lives while on the job or even suffered a serious injury. Those who attended say it’s important to fight for employee safety rights now and moving forward.

Mayor Wyatt says they plan on holding ceremonies like these in the years to come. He also stressed that the men and women who dedicate themselves to their jobs every day deserve to return home safely.

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