Warrick Co. officials consider voting centers for future elections

Warrick Co. officials consider voting centers for future elections
Updated: Apr. 25, 2021 at 7:09 PM CDT
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WARRICK CO., Ind. (WFIE) - The next time you vote again in Warrick County, it could look a little different.

This comes as the Warrick County Election Board is considering changes that officials say could make it more convenient for voters.

Officials want to stress this proposed plan is currently in the very early stages. No decisions have been made. It’s only an idea right now for voting centers in Warrick County.

County officials say they are exploring the possibility of vote centers for election years, instead of assigned precincts.

“This is very early in the planning process,” Andrew Skinner, president of Warrick County Election Board said. “No plans yet are set in stone, or whether or not it’s even going to happen. But the county election board has formed a committee made up of various elected officials, volunteers in past elections. And in order to explore the concept for Warrick County, does it make sense for Warrick County, and if so, how would it look for Warrick County?”

Officials told 14 News this could have several benefits, including convenience, flexibility and reduced wait times

“One of the reasons we’re exploring this at all is because we added the two satellite early voting locations this last election, and 50 percent of the people voted early,” Skinner said. “It made for a very slow Election Day, having all of the locations open for less than 50 percent of the voting population.”

County officials also say vote centers could even lower the cost because less personnel will be needed.

“One of the most expensive parts of an election is the personnel, the workers needing to work an election,” Skinner said. “And with vote centers, you’re typically reducing the number of vote locations. Less locations means less workers.”

Before moving forward, officials will have to make sure that vote centers make sense for the county.

“Coming up with a rough idea of a proposal of how that might look, and then after that happens, it’ll be taken across the county to various groups,” Skinner said. “Hold public meetings, get public feedback in different areas of the county to make sure this is something the voters want to do.”

Officials say they will be discussing details on these possible voting centers on Tuesday morning

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