Tri-State pharmacy reacts to CDC recommendation of resuming Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Tri-State pharmacy reacts to CDC recommendation of resuming Johnson & Johnson vaccine

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - After an 11-day pause, the usage of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine resumed nationwide this weekend.

This comes after a health panel with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided on Friday the single-dose shot’s benefits outweighed the risks.

Some advisors on the CDC panel didn’t recommend restrictions on the use of the vaccine based on age or gender, but did propose the Food and Drug Administration to consider adding a warning label for women ages 50 and below.

This recommendation gave U.S. regulators the ability to lift the pause on administering the J&J vaccine, as early as Saturday.

Locals throughout the Tri-State are now reacting to the recent decision on continuing J&J vaccinations.

Health workers with Owensboro Family Pharmacy, who had been administering the J&J vaccine, shared their thoughts with 14 News on Saturday afternoon.

“The system that the CDC put into place, which is that V-safe - that monitoring program - is working,” Dr. Jesica Mills with Owensboro Family Pharmacy said. “Because what are the chances that seven reactions out of seven million shots that were given? It truly is around a one-in-a-million chance. So I’m glad the monitoring system is actually working, and I’m glad we were able to put that pause - it got out really quickly. The states took care of it. The federal government took care of making sure that each provider knew that this is something that needed to happen.”

At this point, Dr. Mills says that Owensboro Family Pharmacy is planning on resuming the use of the J&J vaccine, but making sure all of their patients are educated on potential risks.

CDC officials say that 15 cases of a rare blood clot condition have been confirmed, including 12 women who developed blood clots in the brain. Out of the millions of doses given, three women have died and seven remain hospitalized.

Among the venues that resumed use of the one-shot coronavirus vaccine included Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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