60 new affordable housing units available on Evansville’s south side

60 new affordable housing units available on Evansville’s south side

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A specific spot on Judson Street means a lot to Joshua Calhoun.

At one point in time, Calhoun lived there, but not in the house that currently sits at that location now.

“The home that was here before, I actually lived here with my grandma,” Calhoun said. “It’s heartwarming, it makes me feel really good to know that old home was eventually demolished for something new.”

Calhoun, who’s now the executive director for HOPE of Evansville, has been instrumental in helping with the construction of 60 affordable housing units in his former south side neighborhood. Low to moderate-income families can be eligible to live in these units.

“It’s not a concentration of poverty in one place,” Kelley Coures of the Department of Metropolitan Development said. “It’s a mixed income. It’s a mixture. A neighborhood should be a mixture of people and that’s what this kind of development does.”

Many of these newly built homes are replacing blighted properties.

“Abandon homes catching on fire, abandon homes where drugs were being manufactured to building a home that you can raise a family in,” Coures said.

These units are tax-credit homes, which means HOPE of Evansville will be able to sell these homes to income-eligible families after 15 years. This will help create generational wealth for many families who may not have ever dreamed of it.

“For a lot of people that didn’t believe that they could be homeowners, we help with that process with down payment assistance, those sorts of things,” Calhoun said. “So it’s a big deal, we are literally changing generations when we make people homeowners.”

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