Deadline for Kentucky’s ‘Redo Bill’ quickly approaching

Deadline for Kentucky’s ‘Redo Bill’ quickly approaching

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Families in the commonwealth have just 10 days before the deadline to apply for the “Redo Bill.”

State Senate Bill 128, as it’s formally known, gives students K-12 the chance to repeat their current grade level, due to the pandemic.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear signed this bill back in March, and it not only applies to academics, but also athletics.

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As of Wednesday, Officials with Henderson County Schools say five families have applied for the bill through the district’s website.

This is where school leaders say families can also find more information about the bill, in order to make the right choice for their student.

”We have a FAQ section on our website under the Senate Bill 128 headline,” says Megan Mortis with Henderson County Schools. “It does answer all those questions, because I really think it is up to each family, each student.”

School leaders say the statewide deadline to submit an application is May 1.

Mortis says from that point, the Henderson County Board of Education will make a decision for each case by June 1.

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