150 trees handed out in Evansville for Arbor Day

150 trees handed out in Evansville for Arbor Day

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - To celebrate Arbor Day 2021, Keep Evansville Beautiful, Mayor Winnecke and the City of Evansville’s Urban Forestry Department gave away 150 free trees to the public.

The event was Friday at Wesselman Park.

Officials say the trees were paid for by On The Spot Utility to help encourage people to call 811 when they plant a tree or start digging in their yards.

Organizers say they were able to give away most of the trees within the first hour of the event.

“It brings the community together. We help promote and keep the city beautiful, but we can also bring that safety message in. Want everyone to understand what to do before they plant. Call 811 and get those utilities marked. Then they can pick a safe location to put these away from those buried utility lines,” said Matt Tapp from Centerpoint Energy.

Trees and shrubs are recommended to be planted at least the following minimum distances away from electric distribution lines:

· 10 feet for trees or shrubs maturing to 15 feet

· 20 feet for trees maturing to 25 feet

· 30 feet for trees maturing to 35 feet

Maple, oak, ash, sycamore and white pine trees should never be planted within 50 feet of power lines.

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