Evansville man donates electric wheelchair to elderly man at Salvation Army

Evansville man donates electric wheelchair to elderly man at Salvation Army

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Gary White waits for his lunch at Evansville’s Salvation Army again, in his wheelchair, how you saw him in our story Friday, and how others see him every day.

On Monday, however, he got a new electric wheelchair.

“He’s going to have such an easier time getting here and getting home,” said social work coordinator Jada Smith. “We called him this morning to tell him we have one that’s here donated. I told him to get here at 11 a.m., he got here at like 9:45.”

White was having to cross busy Fulton Avenue to get to the Salvation Army for his meals every day.

He says the cars wouldn’t show him much mercy.

14 News asked him how he feels about his new set of wheels.

“Good,” White said. “Real good.”

The man who donated the chair, Bob Alldredge, says he’s had the chair for a while.

“It was sitting around, wasn’t doing no good,” he said.

Alldrege, personally making sure White knew how to use his new chair.

“It feels real good,” said Alldredge. “My grandkids had something to do with it too.”

Before he left, Alldredge gave White a letter from his grandkids.

They wanted to help make his daily trip across Fulton a little safer.

“It’s just really nice to see him get across the street in a few seconds compared to a few minutes,” Smith said.

“Thank you very much,” said White. “Very much.”

Gary White already got his new chair, but you can help him and others like him by donating food, clothes or household items to the Salvation Army.

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