Henderson Co. Coroner recalls local mass shooting in 2008

Henderson Co. Coroner recalls local mass shooting in 2008

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - A first responder who went through the aftermath of a mass shooting, similar to the one that occurred on Thursday night in Indianapolis, is reflecting on the experience.

The shooting happened in Henderson at Atlantis Plastics in June 2008. Five people were shot and killed, and the gunman then shot himself.

Henderson County Coroner Bruce Farmer was reminded of one of the darkest days in the county’s history when he heard the news from Indianapolis on Friday morning.

“Every one of these shootings brings you back to that,” Farmer said. “There are just way too many going on in our country at the time.”

Farmer was on scene right after Henderson shooting transpired.

“I went to the scene and another one of my deputies met me out there,” Farmer said.

News outlets from coast to coast picked up the tragic event.

“Whenever we pulled up to the police station, there were media vehicles from all over the place,” Farmer said. “Even a couple of helicopters flown in and landed out in the front yard.”

A tragedy he hoped to never see his beloved city of Henderson make national headlines for.

Farmer says this is a harsh reminder that mass shootings can happen anywhere, at any time. His heart goes out to the families and communities involved in the most recent shooting in Indianapolis.

“Where this one took place here, it was closer to home and all,” Farmer said. “But, everyone of them, it’s close to somebody’s home.”

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