Evansville man asking for donations to get electric scooter

78-year-old receives daily meals from Salvation Army

Evansville man asking for donations to get electric scooter

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Gary White waits for his lunch every day outside of Evansville’s Salvation Army.

14 News asked the 78 year old how he gets there each day.

“I do it myself,” White said.

He lives a short distance from the Salvation Army, but having to wheel himself there turns it into a 20-minute trip.

“I’d like a scooter instead of a chair,” White said. “I live over here about a block and I have to cross Fulton (Avenue) to get over here and it’s dangerous.”

“He comes here rain, shine, when it’s nice, when it’s snowy, he does not miss a day,” Evansville Salvation Army social work coordinator Jada Smith said. “Having an electric scooter would really help his trip to be a lot smoother.”

White has to cross Fulton Avenue, which is busy most of the time.

“They don’t slow down out there,” he said.

He has to wait for gaps in traffic to be able to get across.

“If we see him out here we try to help him and help get him along, but Gary has a hard time,” Smith said.

Salvation Army staff say they look forward to seeing White every day and hope he can get some help.

“Gary is one of our favorite people around here, he is the sweetest man ever. Just seeing him being able to see him get faster,” Smith said. “His house is only three minutes from here, so it’d be nice to see him take three minutes rather than 20 to get over here.”

If you have a scooter to donate, or would like to donate money toward a new one, please contact the Salvation Army in Evansville.

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