Group organizes rally in support of 2nd amendment in Union Co.

Group organizes rally in support of 2nd amendment in Union Co.

MORGANFIELD, Ky. (WFIE) - A group gathered in downtown Morganfield on Thursday evening to show support for the Second Amendment.

Getting grievances to the government is part of the goal that Union County United is pushing.

“Legal gun owners are not the issue,” local organization President Jeffery Hart expressed. “Some of these new draconian proposals on the federal level, like an $800 tax per firearm, that’s like taxing a sober driver because someone drove drunk. It’s unheard of.”

Now retired, with four decades of local law enforcement experience, Hart heads up the group which formed two years ago.

“I don’t believe it needs to be political,” Nicole Long shared. “I believe that everyone can come together for the same cause without it being Republican or Democratic. As long as we are all in it together for the same reason, then we can work together. Kentucky’s mission is ‘United we stand, Divided we fall.’ If we are going to stand together, then let it be that.”

Handguns were noticed in holsters on the hips of some of those who showed up because it was specifically an open-carry rally.

“My guns aren’t a threat to anyone unless that person is a threat to me, or a threat to you, or to some innocent person,” Hart added. “That’s the only time my guns are a threat to anyone.”

Union County Judge Executive Adam O’Nan spoke during the event and explained he is a lifetime NRA member.

“I’ll just say it’s an honor to be here with you tonight and to be considered part of you,” O’Nan stated.

In early January of 2020, O’Nan signed a resolution declaring Union County’s support for the Second Amendment.

“I do believe in the right to bear arms,” Long added. “Only for the reason to protect one’s family. I don’t believe in guns getting in the hands of the wrong people.”

Union County United aligned with Kentucky United, who shares a similar stance defending Second Amendment rights but at the state level.

Politicians such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell were invited to Thursday’s rally in Union County. Hart says the senator’s office sent a statement, partly saying that McConnell will continue to push for polices to help make communities safer and protect constitutional rights.

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